A flash-based 2.5d CAM and nesting program that outputs standard G-Code for use in CNC fabrication devices.


MakerCAM is an attempt to revitalize the fantastic project by Jack Quio, named PartKam. Jack created PartKam in 2009 as a thank you to the community at cnczone.com. Not getting much attention or the appreciation it deserved, Jack open sourced the project before moving on to bigger and better things. Thanks to Jack's fantastic base, we have a great starting point to implement some new features, clean up the UI (it doesn't need much!) and possibly port it over to HTML5.

As is MakerCAM is in beta stage and needs to be treated as such. Although most all of the features are working predictably, please test all generated gcode in a simulator (such as gview) prior to running on your actual machine. We make no guarantees the code is usable or that you won't hurt yourself or your machine trying to run it. Use this program at your own risk!

What: MakerCAM is a web based CAM program. Simple by design, MakerCAM allows you to produce toolpaths for use with 3 axis CNC machines such as Shapeoko, Probotics, Zenworks CNC, ShopBot, or any other 3 axis machine that accepts standard RS274D gcode (most hobby/small business CNC machines accept this.)


  1. In browser drawing - a set of simple shapes are provided. You can find them through the 'insert' menu.
  2. Importing SVG file (from inkscape or browse images.google.com)
Now What:

We're working on a getting started with your first project page, and a verbose help section to get everyone up to speed.